Jagjit Singh walia

A graduate from the Punjab University, Chandigarh, Jagjit Singh Walia is a multi-faceted personality. A hardcore creative person that he is, you’ll see him donning different roles with equal ease on any given day. A film writer and producer, Jagjit also excels as analysis writer. He is also a corporate consultant , Producer & running a Production House namely L & L International. 
He is the Director of L&L Hospitality & Aviation Pvt. Ltd. Under his supervision The Theatre Club & Lounge and Cafe North East, a division of L&L Hospitality & Aviation Pvt. Ltd. are seeking heights of sky. L&L Luxury Resorts and L&L Fly Charterers are the two new ventures proposed by Mr. Jagjit Singh on behalf of L&L Hospitality & Aviation Pvt. Ltd. 
Mr. Jagjit is also associated with Star Craft Manoranjan Pvt Ltd, a company based in Mumbai that manages events and production of films. 
Mr. Jagjit has made a mark for himself in Entertainment media, Hospitality & Aviation. Today, this maverick entrepreneur is thriving with different ventures in the entertainment, hospitality & aviation sectors  

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