Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi

The Man who has redefined cookery shows with own style with humor and real Punjabi style which is why today his television show TURBAN TADKA happens to be the number one culinary show in India’s only 24 channel FOOD FOOD.

“His fun to watch and humorous style of presentation on TV has won many a hearts across the globe.”

As a brand Chef, Harpal Singh Sokhi is probably the only person in India having a spectrum of people- 2-90 years, following him on TV and The Web.

My famous lines “Namaak Shamaak Namaak Shamaak Dal Dete hain Namaak Shamaak”, are a rage in the country and people recognize me by this tag line now. I feel honored and blessed when people recognize me and thank all those people who supported me.

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