Café North East

With its innovative theme, right ambiance, and delectable food, Cafe North East hits the right spot! We take pride in serving you various Indian delicacies with a wonderful fusion of the North-East. So, if you’ve been to the North-East and have gorged on some of the amazing food there and are missing the same in Delhi, you know where to head to!

Like other regional cuisines of India, the ones from the North East are varied and delectable. Therefore, it is not surprising to see more and more foodies trying out the North-Eastern cuisine. We, at Cafe North East, have gone one step further and are bringing to you fusion foods that will revolutionize the way you eat and satisfy your cravings. By fusion, we mean bringing the best of North-Eastern and other Indian dishes together.

North-Eastern foods by itself cannot be classified in one category. And obviously, there’s more to it than just noodles and momos. Our aim is to change the perception people have towards foods, especially the North-Eastern variety. While bamboo and meat fares are synonymous with Nagaland, fish dishes are extremely popular in Manipur. In Mizoram, it is more of boiled foods rather than spicy and fried ones. Tripura’s, on the other hand, is largely influenced by the mainland and is typically rich in masalas. Assamese food varies a lot but they’re largely tangy with extensive use of citrus fruits and tomatoes. Try our in-house delicacies that are very much Indian but with a North-Eastern twist. We bet you can’t resist coming back to us again and again!


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